Fishing Adventure

Lake Nipissing is one of Northern Ontario’s largest and most productive fisheries. South Cove Lodge is located just yards from the mouth of the South River, on Perkins Bay of Lake Nipissing. This region is an especially productive spawning ground for trophy Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Pickerel, perch, and bass.

In May and June, the best fishing Nipissing has to offer is right in our front yard. As the Northern Pike are moving out of the South River, they have just spawn & become very active. Muskie and Bass come into season at the end of June. In July and August, fishing is also excellent.

One doesn’t have to travel far to get into the primary shoals and reefs which hold those summer Muskie and Pike. Late August through October, the fish are preparing for the upcoming colder weather. The fish proceed to move back to their spawning grounds, thus putting South Cove Lodge back into the thick of things.

An ensuring factor to all-weather fishing is the close proximity of the South River to South Cove Lodge. The surrounding mountain ridge and numerous islands protect the waters of Perkins Bay from high waves and will not cause you to loose valuable fishing time.

Maps illustrating the best fishing spots are available for Lake Nipissing and local inland bass lakes. We also escort new anglers and show them where to go for the big one, or for that walleye you been waiting to hit into.

There is a screened fish-cleaning station, complete with running water and electricity, for your convenience. If needed, we will also show you the best way to clean your fish.

Freezer space is available at the main Lodge for your catch until you departure.